Rental License – Martinsburg, WV

Rental properties in Martinsburg, West Virginia are subject to certain licensing requirements. According to the City of Martinsburg’s website, all rental properties must be registered with the city and must have a valid rental license.

To obtain a rental license, landlords must complete an application and pay an annual fee. The application requires information about the property, including the address, number of units, and owner contact information. Landlords must also provide proof of liability insurance and pass a housing quality inspection.

The city conducts regular inspections of rental properties to ensure they meet minimum housing standards. Landlords must make any necessary repairs or improvements identified during the inspection in order to maintain their rental license.

It is important to note that there are also certain zoning requirements that rental properties must adhere to in Martinsburg. Properties must be located in areas designated for residential use and must comply with all parking and setback requirements.

In summary, rental properties in Martinsburg, West Virginia must be registered with the city, have a valid rental license, and pass regular housing quality inspections. Additionally, they must comply with zoning requirements. For more information, landlords can refer to the City of Martinsburg’s website or contact the city’s planning and zoning department.


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