Rental License – Ranson, WV

Rental licensing requirements in Ranson, West Virginia vary depending on the type of rental property and the number of units in the building. In general, all rental properties must be registered with the city and pass an inspection to ensure they meet safety and habitability standards.

Costs for rental licensing in Ranson include an initial application fee, which is usually around $50, and an annual renewal fee, which can be around $25. Additionally, there may be fees for inspections and any necessary repairs or upgrades to bring the property up to code. These costs may be subject to change and it’s always recommended to check with the local city hall for the most updated information.

Penalties for failing to register a rental property or for failing to bring a property up to code can include fines, which can be substantial, and the possibility of the property being shut down until the necessary repairs are made. Additionally, landlords who fail to comply with rental licensing requirements may have difficulty evicting tenants or renting their property in the future.

It is important to note that, in Ranson, WV, landlords are also responsible for ensuring that their properties are safe and in compliance with all state and local fire codes and safety regulations. This includes having working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency exits in good condition.

In conclusion, rental licensing requirements in Ranson, WV are in place to ensure that rental properties are safe and habitable for tenants. Landlords must register their properties and pass inspections, and there are costs, penalties, and fees associated with noncompliance. It is important for landlords to understand and comply with these requirements to avoid fines and potential closure of their rental properties.


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