Montgomery County, MD – Radon Testing – BILL 26-22

Montgomery County, Maryland – BILL 26-22
Requires Radon Testing in Multi-Family & Single Family Rentals

What is the new law?

The bill requires radon air testing prior to occupancy and that educational information on radon, testing and mitigation be provided to all tenants. This legislation expands the coverage of Bill 31-15 enacted in 2015.
Requires testing of basement and ground-level multifamily and single-family rental housing and disclosure/mitigation of radon hazards that are at or above Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended levels. If a high level of radon is detected, landlords must act to reduce it. Landlords are responsible for re-testing after mitigation and must provide test results indicating levels have been reduced below EPA action levels.

Effective on July 1, 2023

What is Radon?
Radon may cause lung cancer. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soil and rocks. Radon can enter homes and buildings from the ground and seep through drains, cracks or other holes in the foundation. According to the EPA, Montgomery County is in Zone One, which means that it is at a higher risk.